Live Streaming For Your Business

Live streaming is the future of marketing!  If the last several months have taught us anything, it’s that innovation comes from the most unexpected of situations. 

As an organization, big or small, you too will have to innovate if you want to continue to spread your message during these times of lockdown and isolation. We are a social species, and we know what it means to celebrate togetherness, his bringing you five things that you can do to increase your business’ customer communication online and together during this COVID-19 pandemic through the power of live streaming.

1: Don’t Skimp on the Audio

Nothing will lose an online audience faster than poor quality audio. If your viewers can’t understand you, then they will go somewhere else. You can avoid this by having a dedicated microphone, a lapel mic, if you have it, to capture your voice clearly and broadcast it to your online audience through live streaming. Don’t rely on the built-in laptop microphone; they are notoriously bad for introducing echos, lacking bass, and capturing any ambient noise. Trust us. Stick to a dedicated microphone such as a lapel or a podcast microphone.

2: Increase Your Internet Speed

We’ve all been part of video conference calls where the person on the other end is breaking up as we nod along, pretending we understand every word they are saying. Video calls from your favorite apps require a fair chunk of your internet’s bandwidth, so much so, that many companies are asking their employees not to use video during the COVID-19 crisis because it is slowing their internet connections down to a crawl. Since video is a significant component of any live stream or webinar, we recommend that you increase your internet speed where possible, to help avoid slow speeds and broken video. Call your internet service provider (ISP) and ask what the fastest speed is in your area if you can afford it, have it installed.

3: Skip The Laptop WebcamLive-Streaming-Webcam

Today’s webcams that come fitted in phones, tablets, and laptops are, on the whole, pretty well suited for video calls. However, if you are looking to create engaging content for your viewers, you will need to go to the next level. We don’t mean that you have to buy a $3000+ camera and a ton of live streaming equipment to make that happen, but it does mean that you should invest in a stand-alone webcam that’s rated for HD or better yet, 4K video streaming. The higher quality image will provide your online viewers with a sense of togetherness and immerse them in what you are saying. Remember, the goal is to help them forget that they are isolated.

4: Lighting is Key.

We’ve sat on many calls over the last few weeks with overexposed backgrounds, facial features that are non-existent, and flickering cameras that are trying to keep up, all because of poor lighting! Yes, lighting for video is a professional job, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot do some basic things, whether at home or in your business, to improve the lighting situation for your live stream event or webinar. First, think about where the natural light is coming in. If it’s behind you, you will be in silhouette and lose your facial detail. If it is coming in from the side and it’s too bright, again, your facial features will be lost as your skin reflects the light into the camera. Instead, try and rotate your setup to contour your face with the available light, keep the light source at a 45º-75º angle to where you are standing, and if the sun is very bright, throw a white sheet over the window to diffuse the light and to give you even coverage. If it’s late a night, you can take the same principle and use lamps instead to light yourself and your surroundings. Always be conscious that the more work the camera has to do to brighten the image digitally, the more degraded the quality of the image will be.  More even light = a higher quality video.

5: Have a Purpose

We understand that this new way of life has us frantically trying to remain relevant. From businesses to celebrities to our social circles, they are grabbing for our attention through the medium of video, often, poorly throughout the video. That brings us to our last point. Have a purpose. Just because we have all started to work from home, does not mean the way we conduct our core values has to change. You would never dream of talking to a room full of customers without first planning what you are going to say. It is more important than ever to think hard about the topic of today’s live stream and plan it down to the letter so that you hit the talking points and maximize the engagement. Those that make it up as they go will suffer significantly because of it. People are deciding to give up their time to spend it with you, and you have to make their time spent worthwhile.


Try to think of your content as a television show. On-screen animated graphics, cutaway footage, interviews with guest speakers, music beds, all can help transform your content. Now you’ve moved from a simple recorded video call to a fully-fledged online TV show that you are live streaming to millions of potential viewers. Think big, and you will see the value in what you are creating, and so will your audience.

Regardless of how you communicate with your online audience, making some essential upgrades to your approach can make all the difference. It’s important to not think of this as a temporary circumstance; we should all be making changes to our communications set up to widen our reach, increase viewership, and to prepare for the next life-changing event. We have entered a new “normal”, and we should embrace the opportunity to make improvements to our businesses for the longterm. is a virtual events agency specializing in bringing high-engagement events online. We focus on producing broadcast-quality live streaming for our virtual stages and integrating powerful data analytics and purpose-driven networking for our event attendees. 

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