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The World Food Programme (WFP) is the United Nations' food assistance branch, established in 1961. It aims to combat global hunger and food insecurity by providing emergency relief and implementing long-term development programs. WFP works with governments, NGOs, and UN agencies to deliver food aid, support nutrition, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. The organization plays a vital role in responding to crises and strives to achieve the goal of ending hunger by 2030. Funding comes from voluntary contributions.

For this Virtual Event, we provided multiple simultaneous streams to provide live spoken translations across five different languages, in real-time. Combining various methods of live-streaming alongside multiple virtual studios, our experienced technicians executed a smooth virtual event for the UN.

In the build up to the event, we worked closely with the UN to ensure their vision and goals were met. We were then able to optimise our process, select the suitable resources for the job and then communicate this internally with every member of our team. Hours of pre-planning, practicing and internal discussions were vital for the live-event to be successful. 

The perceived risk involved with live, virtual events, shouldn't put you off. Mitigating risk is one of our main priorities in the build up to the event. With the help of our virtual assistants, we ran a number of tech checks in the weeks leading up to the event to make sure that all speakers were using suitable microphones, earphones and devices with sufficient processing power to handle high quality output. Giving them tips to improve their audio and video feeds, while helping to fix network issues and slow connections.

The positive outcome of the event was a credit to the competence of the UN team and our ability to maintain the delivery on our side, every step of the way.

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