GSMA, or the GSM Association, is a global organization representing mobile network operators and companies in the mobile ecosystem. Established in 1995, it works to advocate industry interests, foster collaboration, and promote the development of mobile technologies and standards, including GSM, 3G, 4G, and 5G. GSMA organizes events and initiatives to bring key players together.

GSMA Mobile World Congress - Barcelona

Part of our role across multiple projects with GSMA, was to manage two video production teams over the course of Mobile World Congress. These consisted of camera operators, producers and editors. As a part of our Event TV package, we provided daily videos which were made available as a wrap up of the key highlights, from the previous day.

We conducted vox pops, capturing the voices and opinions of delegates, exhibition stand representatives and government officials. This enabled us to tell GSMA's story with insights into how beneficial the event was to delegates, while also sharing informative discussions on how governments and the private industries were able to create innovative hubs and partnerships, as a result of the conference. Alongside vox pops, we sent videographers across the event to capture visual demonstrations, that were showing the potential that new mobile technologies and 5G have in improving consumer experience and efficiency. 

Pre-production consisted of breaking down the team and allocating various roles, to enable comprehensive coverage of the event, without breaking the budget. Risk assessments were conducted to ensure the safety of our crew and also those attending the event. Our clear and concise mission, discussed over multiple calls and emails with the client, meant that we were able to effectively plan our tasks over the course of each day, to meet the requirements for the final videos.

Mobile 360 Series

The Mobile 360 Series followed a similar format. While they were smaller events unlike Mobile World Congress, it followed the rise of technology and forward-thinking projects across the globe, supported by local governments. Within the series, conferences took place in LATAM, Eurasia, APAC and MENA countries.

We followed them across the globe, to create compelling videos for social media and for other networks online, to showcase the leading experts and business owners that attended. Some of the conferences required low-latency live streaming, to broadcast the valuable keynotes and panel sessions worldwide. Alongside our video production crew, we brought live streaming technicians into the event, while liaising with the venue, to produce TV quality streaming solutions, while effortlessly integrating with the audio team on-site.

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